Dreaming in the Garden with Vita and Aivars


Some of Earth's greatest landscapes are created in our backyard garden. Vita has created one of the most beautiful, organic and natural landscape in her backyard where she spends her time sipping tea and dreaming. Her garden is often frequented by her favorite person in the entire universe. Her son, Aivars.

In her garden, you can find them not only watering their plants, but also sitting with butterflies and taking enchanting photos of their earthly visitors such as the black and white wing dragonflies. It is in their enchanted garden that Little Oolly, the Garden Gnome had come into being. Little Oolly has also brought a great gift. The gift of his adventurous garden and forest stories along with their teachings. 

You can find these garden and forest stories and teachings in Vita's books "Little Oolly" and "Oolly and Reevy Save Roro". Each are written in a fun and exploratory style for young readers to learn and identify different garden and wild forest plants and herbs. You have the option to add a hand knit Oolly or Reevy doll for your little one snuggle with as you read the story together.

While learning about the plants and herbs, sit back with a cup of Little Oolly's garden tea (coming soon), and after reading take a bath with Little Oolly's soap. Then give your skin some love with Little's Oolly's body care products (coming soon). All natural, all organic made from the herbs and plants from Vita's and Aivars' garden.

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